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Readers turn to Indulge Magazine as their local source to what is happening in our city’s nightlife scene. We profile the places to go and the products to try with objective and fair recommendations, interesting news and interviews with the personalities that define London. We update our site several times daily with original content, great writing and brilliant photography. Our mission is to deliver authentic and informative reading and tasting experiences that enhance the discovery of new brands. By being better informed, we are more enthusiastic to support new beverages.

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Each month, Indulge Magazine delivers a world-class publication directly into the hands of subscribers with an interest in liquid culture. Each day, the Indulge website reaches out to the Forest City’s community of 267,150 drink enthusiasts. Publishing nine print issues per year plus exclusive web content daily in addition to bi-weekly newsletters, Indulge Magazine writes about drink trade, and restaurant/bar issues that our readers are passionate about. And we engage through traditional print and on-site promotion via person-to-person and direct-mail to top income neighbourhoods as Masonville, Old North, Stoneybrook, Oakridge and Byron ($138,512 average household income).


Our downloadable media kit is available soon. In the meantime, please email Paul Mitchell at for your copy and to enquire about our rates.